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KeyHealth – Hassle-free Medical Scheme in South Africa

It is of course always better to join one of the hassle-free medical schemes in South Africa as opposed to belonging to a medical aid that makes claiming difficult. You’ll want a scheme that provides you with several ways to communicate with them and also pays the service providers directly where relevant.

When it comes to claims, you’ll want to be in the know regarding the progress of your claims and will want full records of your claims. In addition, you’ll want a hassle-free medical scheme when it comes to management of your personal details, adding of dependants and usage of services, such as ER access for your children.

At KeyHealth, we fit the profile perfectly! Our services are exceptionally affordable and we have an extensive network of designated service providers. Because we believe that our members should have all the information at hand to make informed decisions, we provide as much information as possible about the services we offer, cover options, limits, claims procedures, and general health information.

Our members have access to free add-on services, such as the Health Booster Plan, Smart Baby Programme and the Pregnancy Support, as well as Easy-ER services. We take care of the administration, leaving you with more time to focus on your career, family responsibilities and health.

Since we understand that the last thing you need when you or one of your dependants become sick or are injured is to have to deal with a lot of red-tape, we have created tools to submit claims, track progress and to communicate with us in a manner convenient to you.

Our monthly newsletters and the website are packed with information about our scheme, the processes and health matters. We have an extensive and well-trained team to deal with claims, pre-authorisation, communication and information provision. We also offer you the option of going through a broker and thus avoid limiting your choices.

We don’t believe in adding unnecessary benefits that will increase the cost of membership. Instead, we focus on benefits directly relevant to keeping the scheme membership affordable and to help you benefit from preventative health-care.

When you join KeyHealth, you become part of the family and since we care about our family, we also evaluate the medicines, services and offerings annually to ensure that we can give you the best possible cover and services at the lowest possible price.

According to the South African Medical Schemes Act, medical aids cannot operate on a profit. This means that affordability is closely linked to the correct management of the scheme, the network of service providers and the streamlining of processes to help minimise management overheads.

KeyHealth has your best interests in mind and thus also offers you the opportunity to chat with us online to get more information about any directly related topic. We don’t benefit from selling the most expensive package and you can thus rely on us to help you select a package that’s hassle-free and affordable.

Review our service offerings and contact us for more information on how to become a KeyHealth member.