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Cheap Medical Aid Doesn’t Have to Mean Sub-Quality Cover and Healthcare

You hear the words “cheap medical aid” and immediately think that it is a cheap advertising ploy. You may think that there simply isn’t cheap medical aid that provides adequate cover for healthcare related expenses. Often, when you do an Internet search for the phrase, you will end up at hospital cash-back plans or insurance instead of getting comprehensive medical aid.

Understandably, you will be wary when you read that KeyHealth offers cheap medical aid. However, as a well-established scheme registered under the Medical Schemes Act, we don’t operate on a profit. What makes it possible for us to provide you with exceptionally affordable medical cover is our large membership base, years of operation, sound financial management and our Designated Service Provider (DSP) network. Add to such our commitment to provide you with valuable free extra benefits related directly to your healthcare, as well as our exceptionally streamlined claims and payment processes, and you can understand why we can say that we offer cheap medical aid.

For us, there is no compromise on quality of care. You shouldn’t have to settle for less because of budget constraints. At the same time you shouldn’t have to pay more because other members claim more. That’s why we offer various benefits options to suit your needs including:

  • Budget
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hospital care
  • Emergency care
  • Preventative care
  • Pregnancy support
  • Day-to-day expenses

We believe that informed decision making is essential and thus provide clear and concise descriptions of services or treatments covered. Our consultants are here to explain any of the terms and we offer various ways to contact us. Apart from such, we keep with the times and that means making use of technology driven communication to ensure that you have 24/7 access to your claims history, membership account and medical services.

Our value added services are essential money savers. With the Health Booster Plan for instance, you and your adult dependants have access to one free annual health screening each per year. This includes various tests. Child and adult dependants have access to immunisation and vaccines, the weight loss management programme and numerous other benefits.

Our Easy-ER plan is free to registered child dependants and ensures full payment of ER treatments according to the Triad system even if the member doesn’t have any benefits left. The children get their own membership cards with all the details required included to ensure that they don’t have to go through the normal red tape before receiving ER treatment. The parent doesn’t even have to be present and this provides assurance of mind that you won’t need to make any upfront ER payments should your child need emergency care.

The Smart Baby Programme is a free add-on benefit for pregnant members from their 12th week of pregnancy and includes amazing benefits such as:

  • Mother & baby hamper filled with discount vouchers and gifts.
  • Website with loads of information regarding pregnancy, health, baby, and birthing.
  • Consultant support follow-up on the progress of the pregnancy.
  • Email newsletter according to the period of pregnancy.
  • Bi-weekly email newsletter to the dad to keep him informed.
  • Medical advice available.

Cheap medical aid thus doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality healthcare. Choose the right scheme. Join KeyHealth and you will experience affordability and comprehensive service offerings, but with a more affordable rate.