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Exercise your Options Affordably with KeyHealth Medical Aid


Modern lifestyles come with more than a few obligations and responsibilities. As human beings, living in the 21st century, we’re constantly compelled to commit ourselves to all types of activities and actions to ensure that we, our families, and dependants have an acceptable standard of living, a roof over our heads, food, education, transport, and a future with prospects to enjoy life. All this we do to survive, have a means of procuring an income, thrive, and live a meaningful, healthy life. Is this the price one pays for a comfortable, sophisticated lifestyle? Taking care of all these responsibilities may sound tedious, but it does not have to be.

Options Set Human Beings Apart

Even if our obligatory actions and activities are many and necessary, human beings have more choices and options available to them than at any time in the past. What a privilege and joy that is. We have the ability and freedom to choose. You name it, and we have options, and many of them. The ability to choose and exercise one’s options is but one of the advantages that humans have over other mammals that inhabit this planet alongside us. People would do well to keep in mind that our collective human freedom of choice extends to almost everything we undertake. We’re surrounded by options in virtually all aspects of life. This includes one’s medical aid scheme and the plans or options that the specific scheme offers its members. In South Africa, most citizens would prefer the option of joining a medical aid scheme, but some are under the impression that it’s unaffordable.

Making an Informed Choice

The secret of selecting the best possible medical aid scheme lies in acquiring the essential and necessary information about each scheme that you might consider. Which one, from amongst all those that are active in South Africa, would represent the best and informed choice for you? Thereafter, you need to decide which one of that scheme’s range of options is optimal for your requirements, taking your current age, general health, and prevailing individual circumstances into account? Remember significant factors such as income, other fixed monthly expenses, marital status, and dependants, which all play a vital role in determining the specific option that matches your medical and healthcare prerequisites.

The Medical Aid Scheme and Its Options

KeyHealth is known as one of South Africa’s most affordable, bona fide medical aid schemes. In addition to offering a range of affordable medical aid options to fellow South Africans, we actively practice and live our beliefs – keeping medical aid options and our entire operation simple, smart, effective, and transparent, across the board:

  • Essence – KeyHealth’s exceptionally affordable option, with no day-to-day medical or basic and specialised dentistry cover.
  • Origin 2018 – offers day-to-day medical expenses and basic dentistry cover.
  • Equilibrium – offers an MSA and routine expenses cover.
  • Silver – bigger MSA and fewer exclusions.
  • Gold – exclusions listed for preceding options do not apply.
  • Platinum –KeyHealth’s most comprehensive option, includes conservative and specialised dentistry cover, plus the largest MSA.

If you want one of this country’s most affordable, smartest, and most simple medical aid options, you want KeyHealth medical aid.