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An Amazingly Affordable Medical Scheme in South Africa


People have always known about the cost of living, even if they didn’t refer to this bugbear of civilised society as such in the past. The cost of living, like the meaning of “affordable”, has different meanings on the standards of living of almost all people. Only those who are wealthy enough not to concern themselves with costs and prices of essentials can ignore such seemingly basic, rudimentary money matters.

These differentials are the primary reason KeyHealth offers a range of affordable medical aid plans to our medical scheme members. We recognise that they are all individuals, with individual, personal needs, circumstances, standards of living, and income with which to fund their medical aid membership.

In an Ideal World

In an ideal world, such differentiation wouldn’t be necessary. We’d be able to offer a single “one size fits all” medical aid scheme and one plan that would suit everyone and be affordable to all. However, it’s a fact of modern civilisation that such an option is no option at all. Hence, we at KeyHealth have listened to our members and we’ve designed six options that allow you to select the one that best complies with your needs and means, as affordably as is possible.

We Listen

We continue to listen to you. Until the end of 2017, we offered five available options. However, with your feedback and our observation of trends and members’ requirements, we identified a slight gap in our range of plans, and so added a sixth – the Origin option, that slots neatly between our most affordable plan – Essence – and Equilibrium.

As one progresses along the list of options – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – each plan is progressively more inclusive and comprehensive than its predecessor, and consequently, costs more, although each remains more affordable than many of our competitors’ comparable plans.

This is why KeyHealth is known as such an affordable medical scheme in South Africa. We plan to keep it so, as far as is and for as long as humanly possible.