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Easy-ER Covers Your Medical Aid Costs During an Emergency


When an unexpected accident or illness occurs in your family, it usually costs a fortune in medical bills. Not to mention how far it can set you back on other expenses, such as paying the rent on time, having enough money in your account for debit orders, or being able to give your kids cash for their upcoming school trip. All of that is deprioritised in an emergency, and not all medical aids fully cover the hospital bills, which can lead to immense stress and sacrifices having to be made in other areas of your life.

With KeyHealth’s Easy-ER free additional benefit, which is included in all cover options of the scheme, you never have to be concerned that you won’t be covered for unforeseen health-related events.


What Does Easy-ER Included in all KeyHealth Medical Aids Do for You?

This amazing benefit offers all beneficiaries the option of visiting an emergency room and getting treatment at any hospital, regardless of whether it’s a DSP or not. And the best part of all, the bill is covered by KeyHealth without it being deducted from your day-to-day or other paid benefits. Terms and conditions apply.

Sports-, car- or playground accidents are all incidents that are covered in this benefit, as well as dental emergencies.


Can Children Use This Benefit Even Without an Adult Present?

A huge concern for parents is usually the safety of their kids, above all else. If you’re one of them, a medical aid with Easy-ER is exactly what you need. This free additional benefit comes with a children’s card that allows under-aged dependants to visit an emergency room even when they’re on their own. These cards come in a variety of designs to represent the stage of life your child is in. It also features details about the child dependant, which serves as confirmation that they can be treated and are backed by medical aid.


How Do You Know It is an Emergency Situation that the Scheme Will Cover?

In some cases, members might feel they have an emergency that does not actually count as one, which may result in the member being liable for the expense. To avoid this, there are a few simple yes or no questions that you can use to determine the seriousness of the situation:

  1. Did the situation happen during the daytime and is your condition mild enough to be treated by a general practitioner?
  2. Is your condition manageable enough to wait to see your GP?
  3. Has a general practitioner treated your recurring condition successfully before?
  4. Is it a dental issue relating to a sore tooth, an abscess or damage that happened by biting or chewing?

If any of the above situations apply, then you may not have an emergency on your hands. You can always call the provided 24-hour helpline if you’re unsure and would like to confirm instead of feeling uncertain regarding your situation and whether the Easy-ER benefit is applicable.

More information is available online regarding the Easy-ER in our medical aids. However, you can also ask a KeyHealth representative to explain it to you in more detail.