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Things to Consider When Assessing a Medical Aid Quote


Thanks to the Internet, obtaining a medical aid quote has never been quicker or easier. However, understanding its contents might require a little help. Given the prevailing economic pressures in South Africa, it is understandable that many of those in need of medical aid have become more concerned about its cost.

That said, you should not overlook the fact that those pressures also affect the cost of healthcare, which, by extension, has forced some medical schemes to hike their premiums. At KeyHealth, we have developed ways to avoid increases or, at least, to ensure they are minimal.

You can’t put a price on good health, so it’s essential not to be overly influenced by the price tag attached to your medical aid quote. Instead, it would be best to focus on how effectively a given option will meet your needs and those of any dependents you might also need to protect. To put it more simply, you need to find out precisely what you can expect for your hard-earned cash. To do so, you will have to examine the benefits and any terms and conditions that govern them.


Benefits determine the value of your medical aid quote

Naturally, you cannot pursue a quote if the premiums are unaffordable, but it would be wise not to accept one merely because it’s cheap. Obtaining quotes from several schemes and assessing what each offers is a better strategy to ensure making the best choice.

Begin by reviewing your needs and those of your dependents. Chronic illnesses can put a strain on your budget without medical aid. Twenty-six are currently covered by all products as prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs), but don’t make assumptions; check the list on the Council for Medical Schemes website. Maybe you are planning to start a family. In that case, you should check the sums assigned to claims for pre and post-natal and paediatric care.

If you are young, single and enjoy good general health, your medical aid quote was probably for a hospital plan. However, you should be aware that its benefits only apply to hospital visits that lead to admission, and you might want to check if, like the KeyHealth Equilibrium plan, it includes any specified day-to-day benefits.


Getting a medical aid quote

Getting a quote from KeyHealth is simple. Just complete our membership request form, and we’ll find the perfect cover for your needs and add access to our Easy-ER, Smart Baby Programme and Health Booster, totally free.