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A Simple, Smart Medical Aid Scheme That Works for You


In an ideal South Africa, very few, if any, citizens would require private medical aid scheme membership. The government-appointed medical practitioners would take care of virtually all the medical and healthcare needs of the entire population, through a network of state-owned hospitals and clinics, efficiently, and in a timely manner, virtually on demand, as and when needed. There would be no long queues of sick or injured people, patiently awaiting their turn to see a doctor, fervently hoping that they would not have to return again the next day, simply because the queue was too long to allow everyone to be seen on the day. Government facilities would not run out of essential medications, while sufficient life-saving diagnostic and treatment-administering machines would be well-maintained, seldom if ever breaking down.

Needs and Demands Outstrip Resources

Sadly, none of this is currently the case anywhere in the world or in South Africa. Needs and demands outstrip what the government facilities are able to meet. People want and need membership of private medical aid schemes, especially a simple, smart scheme such as KeyHealth. One must give credit where it is due – the state healthcare system continues to do relatively well and does manage to improve its services, but the sheer force of numbers is telling, and is overwhelming available resources.

Leap in the Estimate of Population Numbers

According to statistics that have been kept over many years, South Africa had a population of around 32,2 million in 1984. Now, in 2017, some 33 years later, Worldometers estimates that the South African population has increased to more than 55,5 million souls – an enormous statistical leap, and a figure that represents living human beings with medical needs at some stage of life. This leap in population numbers is one that will inevitably grow further in the future, placing the already overburdened government facilities under further strain. This also means that the need for private medical aid scheme membership that is as affordable as possible will increase dramatically.

KeyHealth is There, All the Way

Fortunately, KeyHealth is here and plans to be in the future too, offering a range of smart, simple medical aid options to members of our scheme, currently offering five options:

  • Essence;
  • Equilibrium;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum.

For your ease, and convenient selection, our Compare our Products link, found under the Join Now heading, provides you with plan selections that are relevant for your age and likely personal circumstances. Nevertheless, you are welcome to apply for another option if those suggested are not ideal for you.

Smart Medical Aid Scheme If and When Needed

It is comforting and reassuring to know that KeyHealth’s medical aid scheme and five options are there to give you and your dependents the cover and assistance that best suit the current stage of your life and your individual circumstances – no fuss and no frills, just pure, straightforward medical aid cover from our medical aid scheme, if and when you most need it.