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Where to Go for a Quick and Easy Online Medical Aid Quote


Let’s be honest – more often than not, getting medical aid cover is a grudge purchase for most of us. Sifting through the myriad of options available on the South African market, trying to make sense of highfalutin jargon, comparing plan after plan, all while being reminded of the potential of ill health and the money you will spend is no fun at all. However, it is also essential and a task that we all need to make time for.


Why it’s so important to have a medical aid plan

We all know the purpose of medical aid is to help cover your medical expenses. However, with many of us having to rethink our budgets after a challenging year, medical aid might seem like a substantial expense that can be cut to help balance the books. This perception is especially prevalent among younger people who have lower incomes than their senior colleagues and who typically pay fewer visits to the doctor.

However, the truth is that this cover is essential. Here are three major reasons why you should set a few minutes aside to request a quick and easy medical aid quote and kick-start the process of getting your healthcare covered:

  1. Life happens and it pays to be prepared

Even when your health is in top shape, you never know what may come your way tomorrow. You owe it to yourself and your family to look after yourself and them to maintain your quality of life.

  1. It can save you money when you need it most

Despite the cost associated with medical aid plans, choosing the right plan helps you save money, as the cost of healthcare expenses can be even more costly. This not only applies to those who often see their doctor, but also to everyone who needs hospitalisation at some point. Imagine being in a car accident and having to pay hospital bills to the value of R300 000 from your own pocket?

  1. The importance of access to private healthcare

While not the ideal, there is a vast difference between the experience a patient has at a private healthcare facility compared to a state facility. However, this difference comes at a cost. Would you rather stand in a queue at an understaffed and overcrowded state facility or get attended to quickly by well-trained professionals in well-equipped hospitals?


Avoid the confusion of jargon and complex options

Knowing that you need a medical aid plan to suit your healthcare needs is one thing. Finding and signing up for the right one is a whole other ball game. South Africa is home to a multitude of medical schemes, each offering a wide range of different plans. Choosing the right one can be daunting, as they all start blending into one after a while. Comparisons become difficult. And then there is all the admin… But, luckily, this is a struggle you don’t have to experience. There is a better way.


The KeyHealth solution tailored to make healthcare affordable

At KeyHealth, we realise better than most what a hassle the admin behind getting a medical aid plan can be for people who are working, have families and, frankly, have better things to spend their time on. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to compare plans online to find the one that suits you best and make it quick and easy to request an online medical aid quote.


Why KeyHealth?

This streamlined approach applies to everything we do. Besides making it easy to compare plans and request a quote, we also avoid the use of jargon as much as possible and focus our service on delivering the best cover for you. While other medical schemes focus on the smoke and mirrors of misguided fringe benefits, often leaving members out in the cold when it comes to their actual healthcare needs, KeyHealth focuses on delivering meaningful products devoid of loyalty programmes, bonuses and frivolous add-ons, so that what remains is pure medical aid.


Selection of plans across various price points

We also realise that people have very different needs when it comes to their healthcare, which is why we offer a range of cover options across a variety of price points. This way, we ensure that there is an option that will suit the needs and budget of all members.


Added benefits focussed on healthcare

To add even more value to our membership plans, we offer every member a set of added healthcare-related benefits, regardless of the plan they are on, at absolutely no additional cost. These benefits include:

  • Easy-ER

The benefit gives each beneficiary on a medical aid plan direct access to a hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) for medical treatment in emergency situations. This immediate access comes with no hassle or unexpected fees, guaranteeing full payment in such emergency situations with no hidden costs.

  • Smart Baby

We designed the Smart Baby programme to offer a set of great maternity benefits, support, general advice on health and wellness, and making the journey as special, enjoyable and stress-free as possible for parents.

  • Health Booster

We believe prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to your health. So, every plan comes with a set of predetermined preventative screening measures that are covered by this benefit to help you better assess and manage your health.


Get your medical aid quote online–it’s quick and easy

Allow KeyHealth to take the hassle out of medical aid plans, while providing you with the cover you need and can rely on. Follow our easy-to-use online process to help you compare plans and to request a quote. It’s quick and easy, and if you do need help, there’s always a friendly KeyHealth team member to answer all your medical aid-related questions.