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What You Need to Know About Medical Aid Companies Before You Join


Proper healthcare is a vital part of a balanced and prosperous life. However, quality healthcare can be very expensive at the best of times, let alone when you need extensive care in an emergency situation. More often than not, it is specifically these emergency situations that catch us off guard. Very few of us have an extra couple of tens of thousands in our back pocket for an unplanned event. This is why it is so important to team up with reputable medical aid companies for proper cover in the instance that you – and your health – need it.

With sufficient cover, you are prepared for these events, and can make sure you get the proper care and attention you need without worrying about the associated costs. Conversely, choosing the wrong cover option for you and your needs can leave you out of pocket and without proper care. So, how do you ensure you make the right choice? Here are some things to consider when looking at medical aid companies:

  • Make sure you understand the purchase decision. This purchase is very much like buying life insurance – you hope you never need it, but you will be glad to have it when you do. Medical aid companies commit to paying for certain agreed upon medical expenses in exchange for a monthly fee from you.
  • Understand your health requirements. Before you start looking at medical aid companies, first look at why you want cover. Do you have any pre-existing conditions? Do you have a chronic disease? Do you need a hospital plan or access to a GP for your children? Identify your need first and then start looking for a plan that caters for that specific need.
  • Know which service providers are covered by your choice of medical aid companies. The point of this cover is often to enable you to access private healthcare. However, most medical aid companies have agreements with certain service providers in order to help them to keep costs down and keep the service affordable for you. Make sure that your cover provider includes healthcare facilities in your area.
  • Ask about the benefits and cover inclusions and exclusions if you do not understand or are uncertain. Many medical aid companies use very complicated jargon when talking about their products and the terms and conditions that regulate these programmes. Read it carefully and ask a representative to explain it to you if you are unclear. Be aware of what is covered and what is not before you sign, as you do not want to find this out when you need a service that is not provided.

If you are in the market for healthcare cover, but you are not sure which of the medical aid companies to partner with, try KeyHealth. At KeyHealth, we strive to keep all language, processes, and interactions as smart and simple as possible. Visit our website for easy comparisons of our plans and to get an obligation-free quote quickly and without hassle. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.