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Tips on Finding a Medical Aid to Suit Your Budget


Health cover can be quite expensive, but treatment costs without it, even more so. Therefore, finding medical aid to suit your budget is essential.  But where do you start? With so many options to choose from, making the right decision isn’t always easy. Do you go with the scheme that your friends recommend, a scheme that’s been around for ages or a brand new option that seems promising? The other daunting part of choosing a cover option is the uncertainty of whether the associated scheme is reliable and will pay out when necessary.

Read on to discover the best way to go about finding a health scheme provider and affordable medical aid to suit your budget, and which will provide the cover required for you and your dependants.

Work Out Your Budget

If you want to find an affordable package, you first have to know your financial situation and what it is that you can afford. Is it R1000 or R5000 a month?

When only taking into consideration the amount they’re willing to pay without doing proper calculations, people tend to either over- or underestimate what they can afford. Don’t fall into the same trap.

It’s better to start by taking your monthly expenses into account and weighing up the options available to you from there. It is most important that you are actually able to afford your medical aid, and that you select an option that you are financially comfortable with and that suits your particular needs.

More on Budgeting for a Health Plan

To truly save on annual healthcare costs, you should list all your health-related expenses and add the benefits you wish to gain from medical aid. You can highlight must-have benefits and mark the ones that you can go without. Combine the essential benefits with the amount you are willing to pay and can afford each month, then use this information as a guide in finding a medical aid option to suit your budget. Keep in mind that the monthly premium for your plan might be slightly higher than expected if it includes all the benefits you want. Some of our most affordable packages at KeyHealth include the Essence Option and Origin Option.

The Essence plan covers the bare minimum, including PMBs, chronic medication, disaster or major medical expenses, supplementary services and some free additional benefits. The Origin package costs only slightly more and offers the same cover, plus dentistry and day-to-day out-of-hospital expenses.

Compare Quotes from Reliable Schemes

For an accurate comparison of the various medical aid packages to suit your budget and needs, compare packages from the schemes you trust. Looking at the prices of unreliable providers can cause confusion as to what is normal to pay for health plans.

You can identify reliable providers by checking their history with other clients. A good indicator of a trustworthy medical scheme is whether they’re transparent about what they can do for you, the meaning of need-to-know industry-related words and terms, and how much information they’re willing to share with you. Don’t be hesitant to reach out to them and ask questions.

Once you have shortlisted a few medical aid providers, compare their packages by price and the benefits they offer to find the most affordable option.

Don’t Forget to Check the Designated Service Providers

All schemes have DSPs they choose to partner with for the provision of healthcare services and products. These are the hospitals and healthcare practitioners you can visit without paying extra for procedures covered in your plan. Some more expensive packages may allow members to go to any hospital or doctor without added costs. However, this is highly unlikely with budget options.

Sign Up for Membership at KeyHealth and Get Cover to Suit Your Budget

If you’re looking for a health cover plan at a scheme that you can trust, then we should be your first choice. We offer six packages, with varying premiums and benefits for every individual’s healthcare needs. You can also get information on our packages, pricing, history and terms directly from our comprehensive website. We aim to make everything as straightforward as possible, and we strive to offer affordable cover to all. Join now and select a medical aid to suit your budget.