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Why South Africans Need to Have Medical Aid


Our country is not alone in the battle to compensate for the constantly rising costs associated with healthcare. Even the United Kingdom’s revered National Health Service is failing to cope following supply-chain disruptions, the escalating price of medicines and equipment, and the expense of operating hospitals. Locally, as in most overseas countries, we have seen a marked increase in the number of people seeking attention from the private healthcare sector. South African medical aid schemes offer financial support for those unable to pay for private treatment without assistance.


Medical Aid in South Africa is Essential

However, the local system differs markedly from those operating in most other countries. Firstly, overseas schemes are generally managed by insurance companies for profit. By contrast, ours are run by non-profit companies with no shareholders to satisfy. This feature enables the more affordable local monthly premiums essential for most of our nation’s citizens. Without financial help, even those with life-threatening illnesses may face long queues for urgent treatment or even join months-long waiting lists. This alone explains why South African medical aid has become so essential.

Plans to revitalise the state-funded healthcare sector with a contributory scheme similar to Britain’s national insurance payments have yet to materialise. In practice, assuming they aren’t abandoned, it could be years before they are in place. In the meantime, making private healthcare affordable to as many of our citizens as possible remains a challenge. However, although many must continue to rely on overworked and often outmoded public healthcare facilities, companies like KeyHealth are doing everything possible to ensure that South African medical aid is as comprehensive and affordable as possible.


KeyHealth Offers Affordable and Accessible Options

The average citizen would find the cost of emergency surgery or hospitalisation following a car accident crippling. Yet these things happen. Even a normally healthy individual could suffer unbearable pain that might indicate the need for an appendectomy. Membership in a hospital plan offers an inexpensive means to allay such fears. However, most hospital plans contribute nothing toward out-of-hospital costs, leaving the member to pay these. By contrast, KeyHealth’s affordable entry-level option adds unlimited out-of-hospital cover for 26 chronic illnesses – a valuable contribution from a concerned South African medical aid scheme.

In practice, all our options are designed to provide exceptional value for money at a time when every Rand counts. We offer a lifeline that ensures that at least our members’ most critical needs are adequately met despite rampant inflation. Our preferred service provider network provides tariffs fully or mostly covered by our terms and conditions. We invite you to click here to learn more about the products and added benefits that have earned us the status of a leading South African medical aid scheme.