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Some More Affordable Individual Medical Aid Options for 2019


When catering for the needs of the individual, many of the medical aid options for 2019 are likely to be a little expensive and may be beyond the reach of those who only have a modest income. Typically, the main member of any scheme attracts the bulk of the premium cost while the contribution for dependent members is proportionately less. When taking out cover for a whole family, any additional income from a spouse or partner can usually help to alleviate overall living expenses.

For those who are younger and single, however, meeting the cost of cover can often require compromising on its benefits. In order to help this type of member avoid such compromises, KeyHealth offers some affordable, yet sufficiently comprehensive medical aid options for the individual member in 2019 that should satisfy the private healthcare needs of most.

At the entry level, the “Essence” option from KeyHealth offers younger subjects who enjoy good general health a hedge against the potentially crippling costs of a medical emergency. It offers unlimited cover for the treatment of injuries, including transport by ambulance, all hospital-related costs, in-patient specialist services, oncology services up to R147 000 annually, and in-patient and outpatient MRI and CT Scans to a value of R15K per year. This means the member should only have to find the money to settle day-to-day requirements, such as GP visits and prescription medications, dentistry-related costs, or those relating to elective surgical procedures. from his or her own pocket.

For just a little bit extra each month, another of the KeyHealth individual medical aid options for 2019 is the “Origin” package. This extends to contingencies beyond the more basic scope of the “Essence” product to add a number of valuable benefits, including cover for day-to-day expenses even when not in hospital. Also included as part of the deal is cover for basic dentistry services, including consultation fees, fillings, extractions, oral hygiene treatments, and any necessary x-rays. Also, both products include the free benefits, Easy-ER, Health Booster, and the Smart Baby Programme, exclusive to KeyHealth.