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Doing research, making enquiries, communicating, registering complaints, studying, marketing and advertising, banking, shopping, selling, buying, and renting are all activities and transactions, which are generally accomplished online nowadays. Almost all modern mobile devices are capable of online functions anywhere, providing that there is an adequate signal.

Legally Valid Communication

Online communication is legal and widely accepted. In essence, the communication or “sent” page on your device’s screen is a legally valid document, albeit generated in the virtual world. Your documents can be saved, ready for recall at any time, day or night, 24/7, regardless of weekends and public holidays. The user does not have to abide by office hours or take time zones between different countries into account when operating online.

Online is the Way to Go

The ability and capability to transact online is a virtual blessing in a hectic world, in which the emphasis is on accomplishing everything speedily. Online is the way to go, without question. Most of our medical aid questions, queries, quotes, applications, and confirmations are executed online at KeyHealth.

Mine of Information Online

Our KeyHealth user-friendly, and easily understood, website is a mine of information for existing members, as well as prospective new applicants, who seek quotes and relevant facts and figures online, often for quick, easy comparison with other medical aids’ offerings.

Needless to say, KeyHealth frequently emerges as the favourite choice, particularly when quotes are obtained and compared, because KeyHealth’s rates are remarkably affordable when compared with what we offer in return.

KeyHealth’s Medical Aid Quotes

You are well on the way to joining a medical aid, once you begin looking for schemes, options, and applicable quotes, because it is wise to take all your income and expenses into account to ensure that your latest monthly expense, medical aid membership contributions, are affordable.

Despite wanting the very best on offer, you must get quotes to ascertain what you can afford, and then getting the best, most comprehensive plan that is affordable. As and when your circumstances change and income improves, you have the option of getting another quote and upgrading annually, as from the beginning of each calendar year.

For your ease and convenience, our website guides you to obtain an online quote, step by smart, easy step.

  • View our “Find the Right Cover for You” options, and match one or more with your personal circumstances – Singles, Couple, Families, and Single Parents.
  • Complete the relevant online questionnaire.
  • Read the details of each likely KeyHealth plan, of which there are six streamlined options, or preferably, go through all of them, which all include three free benefits.
  • Take note of each option’s terms and conditions, as well as limits and exclusions.
  • Quotes for each plan, for the principal member and dependants, if applicable, appear on the respective plan’s web page.
  • Additional information, questions, and concerns may be dealt with online, telephonically, by visiting one of KeyHealth’s Walk-In Offices in Durban, Centurion, or Port Elizabeth, or from one of our accredited brokers.

There is not much more for you to do after obtaining your medical aid quote online for the option that best suits you. Complete our handy online application form for membership of KeyHealth, accompanied with supporting documentation, if required, pay your first contribution once acceptance is confirmed, and there you are, a member of KeyHealth medical aid.