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KeyHealth as One of the Affordable Medical Aids in South Africa

KeyHealth is one of the most affordable medical aids in South Africa. The Scheme is managed by of Board of 11 Trustees, elected nationally by members. The trustees must be members of the Scheme to be eligible to serve as trustees.

As an open scheme, anyone can apply to become a member of KeyHealth and we do allow for medical aids brokers in South Africa to act as intermediaries between the Scheme and members.

Webmail Access

We provide members with several communication tools such as webmail and SMS systems. The webmail is an internet based email facility whereby members can gain access to the KeyHealth package information without having to call us.

Members can activate their webmail by simply emailing KeyHealth whereupon we will confirm the email address of the members and authenticate such against the ones loaded on our system. The members then receive information packages via email that include their membership information, case and claims history, benefits contributions, and also claims guidance.

The webmail system enables 24 hour access to information. To gain 24 hour access the members send SMS’s to the number provided at our website. We have also streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for members to quickly confirm information. If a person for instance wants to know the current benefits available an SMS can be sent with the letter B in the message field. If a person wants to receive an email with claims according to the last statement an SMS can be sent with the letter C in the message field. For the purpose of receiving an SMS with member details, the person can send an SMS with the letter D in the message field.

A reply is provided within a few minutes if the person’s details are on the system and are up to date. Likewise one can also send an SMS with the letters IC plus the relevant ICD10 code in the message for receiving the ICD10 code description information via SMS.


We have a Facebook profile and encourage members to participate in discussions. Regular updates on the Facebook page helps to keep members up to date regarding benefit and claim information. It is also the ideal place to ask questions and receive health tips.


Our website allows for access to comprehensive information about benefits, claims procedures, pricing structure and terminology. By adding comprehensive information to our site, we give members 24 hours access to information vital for decision making regarding the best packages.

Call Centre and Office

In addition to the website, our Facebook page, the webmail and SMS system, we also offer members phone and office assistance.

KeyHealth is thus not only one of the most affordable medical aids in South Africa, but a Scheme that has the best interests of members in mind and one that is focused on transparency.


We understand that members don’t necessary understand all the medical aid jargon and therefore provide a comprehensive glossary of terms used in our procedure documents. In the glossary we for instance, explain that day-to-day benefit refers to the out-of-hospital limit that applies for the beneficiary regarding self-medication, auxiliary services, medicine, radiology, pathology, optical services, specialist and general practitioners.

Five Packages

KeyHealth is one of the medical aids in South Africa that cater to the cover requirements of various income groups and according to client preferences. As such, we offer five benefit options with hospital plans according to specific limits for each package.

The Essence package is the most affordable option and suitable for budget conscious members that want basic medical aid cover. The Equilibrium package is the next level of cover and suitable for small families and people that want improved cover for hospital, but still want to limit their monthly contributions to medical aid. The Silver package is the general benefits option that is suitable for people that want more day to day benefits and still want hospital cover.

Gold and Platinum are the two flagship packages and offer comprehensive cover with fewer limitations. We also offer the Health Booster that is focused on preventative medical care. View our full range of benefit packages and let one of our consultants assist you in deciding which option will be best for you.