Medical Aid – Why and How to get a Medical Aid Quote


Why and How to get a Medical Aid Quote

If you have ever been required to pay for a visit to a specialist or for a relatively minor operation out of your own pocket, then you will have no difficulty in understanding why so many South Africans have found it essential to join a medical aid scheme. Currently, close to nine million of the country’s citizens are dependent upon these schemes to meet the bulk of their private healthcare expenses.

The cost of joining a scheme varies, as does the extent of the cover it provides so, for those who are not bound to the closed scheme of their employer, the first step should always be to get a quote. Any choice, however, should not be based upon price alone as the true value of any medical aid product lies in the benefits that it offers and their relevance to any given member and their dependents, where applicable. The fact that a simple appendectomy could cost two months’ salary or more and coronary bypass surgery could run up a bill of over R300 000 provide reason enough to join a scheme, so all that remains is to decide on the best way to get a quote.

In practice, comparison websites have proved to be a very effective means to eliminate much of the tedious research and usually offer the means to provide a few personal details online in exchange for multiple quotations. It is at this point, however, that closer examination is vital. This means comparing carefully the various benefits offered by those schemes that you find sufficiently affordable against the known and likely needs of your family. Look out for the limits set on specific services such as orthodontics, as inadequate cover could leave you with hefty out-of-pocket expenses if you have a couple of kids that may need treatment.

Many people, however, find KeyHealth medical aid products both more comprehensive and more affordable than most. Focussed purely on core benefits, our product range includes something to suit everyone. Just call to get a quote.