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Medical Aid Solutions: Making the Most of Life!

We only live once, right? So we had best make the most of it! Our bodies are only around for a short period of time, so it is best to keep them as healthy as possible. A healthy life is a good life.

Medical aid solutions are around to help you out with that. At KeyHealth Medical, we have many different medical aid solutions to choose from, including programs for pregnancy and weight loss. Make the most of what you have been given, and keep it in good shape.


Pregnancy is going to be one of the most exciting times of your life, whether it was planned or a surprise! By signing up to one of our pregnancy medical aid solutions, you can be sure to get the best healthcare and treatment.

You will be updated regularly through your pregnancy, letting you know detailed information about each stage you are going through. This is a particularly fantastic medical aid solution for those first time parents, as it can be a bit daunting! Everyone is telling you what you can and can’t do, and what you can and can’t do. Well, sit back and let our professionals guide you.

With our 24 hour medical chat line and our professionally run website, you will have all the information you need. We will be around to answer your questions no matter the time of day or night, because we know that most issues tend to pop up after work hours!

You will also be covered for scans and appointments, along with 2 visits to the paediatrician during your baby’s first year. On top of all of these lovely options, you will be given lots of vouchers and goodies!

Weight Loss

If you are overweight, dieting can be a daunting prospect. There are so many different weight loss plans out there, and it is difficult to know which to choose from. Each and every plan is going to have its own benefits, as well as their own downfalls. And don’t forget those horrible side effects!

If you have a BMI over 35, you can apply for our Health Booster weight loss program. During this program, you will be able to meet with a dietician and work out the best healthy food plan for you. You will also be able to speak to a professional to draw up a plan for exercising at home. After all, diets are pointless if you don’t exercise alongside them.

Other Medical Aid Solutions

We offer a lot more medical aid solutions, not just those for pregnancy and weight loss. No matter what you need, we strive to offer a solution for everyone. If you have severe long term illnesses, we offer medical aid solutions to cover the health care you will need. If you need dentistry, orthodontics or optometry, there will be something available to help you out.

Why not come in and visit us to find out more? We will set aside the time to sit down with you and have a proper discussion about your requirements, and help you to work out what exactly you need. We treat each of our clients as individuals, as each and every body is unique. We don’t clump people together into generic groups; instead we strive to set you up with a programme that best suits you as a person.

You can even set up programmes for elderly relatives, or those with disabilities. We will be more than happy to sit down and discuss these with you, and answer any questions you may have, so that you can be confident with the knowledge your loved one is getting the highest level of medical aid available to them.