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Medical Aid Quotes Obtained Online Need Careful Comparison

The practice of offering medical aid quotes online has certainly meant that it is now possible to obtain a reasonably accurate idea of the required premium payments far more quickly than was the case when limited to the more traditional methods of enquiry. However, the internet has also become the most powerful marketing medium in the history of commerce. As a result, whatever product one may be attempting to assess, it can often prove difficult to penetrate all of the hype in order to discover the nuts and bolts of what is actually on offer. Too often, it is the smoke and mirrors and not the virtues of the product that generate the sale.

When requesting medical aid quotes online, a prospective member may also be exposed to the influence of some, albeit very compelling, offers that have little or no relevance to his or her healthcare needs. Offers of discounts and loyalty points do, of course, have their place, but are really more appropriate as a tool to promote less crucial services. It should never be overlooked that, although such extras may appear to be freebies, they must be paid for by the insurer at some stage and so, inevitably, they will also have contributed to the cost of your premiums.

Recognising and avoiding the ploys of the marketing gurus, however, is only one precaution needed when evaluating online medical aid quotes. Even more important than this, will be to establish that any product you may consider will meet all of your needs and those of any dependants that you may wish it to cover.  While, the monthly premium must obviously fall within your budget, affordability should not be the sole criterion upon which to base your decision. It is crucial that any affordable product which you may eventually choose must offer all of the benefits required to cover both your known and anticipated healthcare requirements.

The latter may, for example, include orthodontics for members with young children or extensive maternity benefits for those who may be planning to become parents. Medical aid quotes, whether online, telephonic or delivered by mail, should not be blindly accepted but should rather be compared with competing products at similar premium prices. Only if they are certain that, when comparing premiums, they are comparing apples with apples, can prospective members also be certain that they will enjoy both the most appropriate mix of benefits and the best possible value for money.

While individual schemes operate their own website where their product details and prices may be viewed and quotations requested, the process of this has been made quicker and simpler with the establishment of several comparison sites. These enable side-by-side product comparisons prior to obtaining medical aid quotes online, thus saving all the hassle of visiting numerous sites individually in order to compile a shortlist of those which appear most suitable. Either way, some time spent in examining the credentials of the shortlisted schemes could pay dividends. For instance, evidence of financial stability as reflected by prompt payment of members’ claims could help to reinforce the wisdom of any given choice.

At KeyHealth, our schemes offer even more assurance. Affordable and straightforward, our products are free of irrelevant add-ons, yet deliver crucial benefits absent from competitors’ online medical aid quotes.