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Medical Aid Quotes – How To Get A Quote Online


There are many health plans available in South Africa. To find them is a quick and easy task. All you have to do is type the phrase “medical aid quotes” into your search bar for an online search and numerous options will pop up on your screen.

Though, the challenging part is how to find a suitable scheme with the right benefits at a favourable price. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, at first glance you might think every plan is perfect if you skip over the fine print. At KeyHealth, we make it a point to ensure transparency with clients by sharing all the information upfront. Read more about why we are the best place to get medical aid quotes from.

How to Get A Quote Online – Choosing the Best Scheme

We know it can feel like you’re forced to reveal your most intimate health secrets when filling out medical aid application forms. However, the questions we ask are all necessary. Don’t hold back any information when getting medical aid quotes, as it can affect the accuracy of the estimate given. Fill in this quick form online to request need membership. When you want to enquire about medical aids, there are some vital steps to take:

  • Get a physical check-up so that you can give a detailed brief about your current health.
  • Check the list of benefits offered diligently to see if they are truly what you require.
  • Ask about exclusions, or in simpler words, special conditions you can’t claim for.
  • Investigate the pay-out record of the scheme to know if they’re reliable.
  • Compare various plans by pricing, as well as what you get in the package.

KeyHealth Offers Multiple Membership Deals For Every Individual

There is no true “one-medical-aid-fits-all” scheme in existence. And, if there was, it would cost a fortune. The aim of getting quotes online is to find a deal that suits your budget and covers what you need. KeyHealth offers a range of smart and affordable medical aid options to suit a variety of unique needs. See our available options below:

One way to weigh up medical aid quotes is to evaluate what you can afford to pay. Opt for a more suitable medical scheme option that provides you with the most benefits, suited to your needs, for what you are able to pay. Access our contact information and get the assistance you’re looking for to select the best scheme for you.