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Evaluate any Medical Aid Quote Obtained Online with Care

Obtaining medical aid and other types of quotes online has done much to simplify our lives. In many cases, the internet offers us the means to make comparisons between the products or services that we are interested in. However, while a simple comparison of price tags may be quite adequate when deciding where to buy the likes of grocery items or a new shirt, in the case of an insurance policy or an overseas holiday, a far greater insight into the finer details of each individual offer can be essential, if one is to be assured of making the most appropriate choice.

Naturally, the monthly premium must be considered when evaluating any medical aid quote, whether obtained online, telephonically or by post. Failure to meet the premiums each month will invariably result in the loss of benefits, so the ability to cover them fairly comfortably is definitely important. Equally so, and perhaps even more important, is the assurance that the cover you are paying for will adequately meet your anticipated needs and those of any dependent family members that are to be included in the cover provided.

Of course, we cannot anticipate the unexpected but, from past experience, we can be sure that a GP visit or two, some basic dentistry or even orthodontic work for the kids will be on the cards. When examining your online medical aid quote, if you may be planning a family, good maternity and paediatric benefits should be high on the list of things that you will need to check for.

If, on the other hand, you already have young children, then the occasional trip to an ENT specialist or even to the emergency room is pretty much par for the course. Colds and flu are also likely to take their toll and may require antibiotics while, if anyone in the family should happen to have a chronic illness such as diabetes, the annual cost of medication could be substantial. The bottom line is that whatever any medical aid quote that you obtain online will actually deliver in terms of meeting your annual private healthcare expenditure, should be seen as being far more crucial to your decision-making than keeping an eye out for a bargain price tag.

Also bear in mind that some products may include incentive schemes which, although they may be touted as free, actually do have an impact on the premium price. In practice, a scheme stripped of such extras and in which the entire premium is devoted to meeting your healthcare expenditure is the more sensible choice. In South Africa, one scheme has now broken the mould and when you request a medical aid quote online from KeyHealth, you can be 100% certain that what you see is what you get.

We don’t attempt to conceal important points with jargon or small print. Instead, we explain your cover in straightforward terms, as well as including some invaluable additional benefits exclusive to KeyHealth. With a choice of five products, there is something to suit everyone and our “Health Booster”, “Smart Baby” and “Easy-ER” benefits are standard with all of these. Despite such exceptional value, our premiums remain highly competitive. Request a KeyHealth medical aid quote online and check for yourself.