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Medical Aid – Medical Aid Packages to Suit your Needs


Only choose Medical Aid Packages that suit your Needs

However tempting it may be to be lured by premium prices that appear to be a bargain, when comparing medical aid packages, it is every bit as important to choose a product that is designed to suit your needs and those of your dependents, as to select one that falls within your budget. Obviously, if it is to provide adequate cover and continue to do so throughout the 12-month membership period, the ideal choice is to be found in a product that is able to satisfy both of these criteria.

Whatever product you may decide upon, its suitability will be determined by the benefits that it offers and while these will, to some extent, be determined by the monthly premium, schemes and their individual products may also differ in the emphasis placed upon certain of these. For instance, the limits applied to claims for a given service may be subject to different annual limits. Likewise, in other cases, the percentage of the cost covered for a particular type of procedure could differ, resulting in a larger or smaller balance or co-payment for the member’s personal account.

Possibly the simplest and quickest way to find a medical aid package that suits your needs is to visit an online comparison website. Among these facilities too, there is now also quite a wide range to choose from and, given the fact that most confine themselves to just a few of the better-known companies, it can be a good idea to explore two or three. Most are able to generate approximate quotes based on a few personal questions relating to your current health status and the age and relationships of any dependents that you may also wish to be covered. From the results returned, you should probably be able to select at least three or four schemes that appear to be reasonably affordable and from which you can then make your final choice.

That choice must of course be made by comparing their entire array of benefits and selecting only those medical aid packages that appear to best suit both your needs and those of your family where applicable. Before beginning the final selection process, it can help to first identify those needs. Examine your family’s health history and try to anticipate any other possible requirements. Your children, for instance, may be fast approaching the age when some form of orthodontic treatment could prove necessary and so making certain that the chosen product includes adequate provision to cover the cost of such specialised care will be essential.

If you are young and single with minimal income, the low premiums charged for a hospital plan may seem attractive but be careful. Cover will only apply, even for chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma, during periods of hospitalisation so you need to be sure you can afford to meet the cost of any GP or specialist visits, treatments and medication that may prove necessary at other times during your membership period.

Just as important as choosing a medical aid package to suit your needs is ensuring that the vendor can be relied upon to deliver those requirements. For many South Africans this means exceptionally comprehensive yet affordable cover from KeyHealth.