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Medical Aid in South Africa – Why should I have Medical Aid?


Why You and Every South African Should have Medical Aid

Unfortunately, the South African economy is still a long way from the point where all of our citizens are able to afford private healthcare cover but the reality remains that most people cannot afford to be without it either. There are two main reasons why you should have to invest in some form of medical aid. Firstly, the system that was designed to provide free or low-cost treatment for all, and which once achieved this so successfully that other countries sought to copy it, is now failing, and declining by the day.

Short of supporting the state-funded health service with some form of compulsory contribution to be levied from all of the nation’s employees, there seems little chance that it can continue to provide more than the most basic primary care. How then could one handle the growing need for advanced diagnostic services such as an MRI or CAT scan or for emergency open-heart surgery, without recourse to the private healthcare sector?

Imagine you were in need of an MRI but had to bear the full cost. Could you afford to pay almost R9000 from your savings or monthly salary? No? Then you had better be certain to look after your heart because bypass surgery could end up costing you more than R300 000. Are you still wondering why both you should have medical aid?

In fact, in most cases, it will pay to invest in the most comprehensive cover that you are certain you can afford. If you are young, single and generally in good health, your biggest concern is likely to be an accident or surgical emergency that could land you in hospital for some time. For you, a hospital plan offers an effective and affordable option.

If you have children or suffer from a chronic illness, healthcare costs are likely to be a regular occurrence and so you should choose a more comprehensive product. KeyHealth offers a range of products to meet all needs and most budgets.