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You Too Could Get Better Medical Aid Today

Assuming that you are not already benefitting from one of our available KeyHealth products, there is little doubt that you are in a position to get yourself some better cover for your private healthcare expenses by picking up a phone and giving us a call today.

In this instance, the likely gains stem not just from the fact that our premiums tend to be more competitive than most but that, in addition, our scheme’s managers actively pursue a policy of providing members with exceptional value in exchange for these relatively modest monthly contributions. We are also aware of the importance of clarity, so rather than confusing members with complex terms and condition couched in legal jargon and concealed in small print, the KeyHealth way is to remove all confusion, defining our medical aid benefits in straightforward terms and ensuring that what you see is what you can expect to get.

If you are as serious as we are about meaningful cover, then don’t expect shopping vouchers, discounted treats or loyalty points. These may well attract some of the more gullible consumers but, in practice, they always need to be paid for either with higher premiums or reduced benefits. Our strategy of appointing a network of preferred suppliers along with excluding those ultimately costly marketing gimmicks not only allows us to add core benefits, such as Easy-ER and others that are as valuable as they are unique, but also means that we are able to offer them at no extra charge to our members.

KeyHealth is well-established and we offer the reassurance of a substantial membership, a healthy solvency ratio and an enviable international credit rating. Together, these serve to dismiss any concerns that you may have had in the past with regards to the prompt payment of your claims.

If you may have been looking for three good reasons to get a better medical aid, then consider affordability, realistic benefits and value for money, and make the change today.