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What to Consider When Seeking Medical Aid for Families


Medical aid is a life-saver for many citizens seeking private healthcare in South Africa. However, choosing the best option for your family is crucial. Currently, 76 schemes are operating, but 58 only accept specified groups like the employees of a named company or members of a particular profession.

The remaining 18 schemes are unrestricted, open to all and ideal for the self-employed and those whose employers have no group membership scheme. Whether closed or unrestricted, each scheme offers a range of products comprising different levels of cover and priced to match in an attempt to satisfy most members’ needs affordably.


How Medical Aid Works

Membership must be renewed annually on January 1st. During the 12 months, most members will make no claims or only minor ones, leaving ample cash in reserve to cover the far larger claims of the minority. As non-profit companies, they must maintain high membership levels, adequate cash reserves and a sound international credit rating for emergencies. Premium price increases must be approved by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) and are implemented on New Year’s Day. Nevertheless, at KeyHealth, we strive to provide the best possible value for money.


Medical Aid Is About Benefits  

Whether a given product will suit you and your family depends on its benefits and any terms applied to it. All products must cover the diagnosis, treatment and care of 26 named chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes and epilepsy. Check the CMS list for others, if applicable.

Choosing a hospital plan could save a lot if you are fortunate enough to enjoy good general health. These plans cover unlimited hospital treatments but leave the member to pay any out-of-hospital healthcare bills. KeyHealth has gone the extra mile, offering extended hospital plans with various levels of day-to-day cover that could suit some families.


Incentives to Buy Medical Aid

Some schemes seek to increase membership with non-medical incentives. While these are said to be free, they must be paid for somehow, often by limiting core benefits. At KeyHealth, we think differently. We keep premiums lower by using designated service providers, enabling us to attract new members with some valuable core benefits free of charge:

  • Easy-ER: Direct access to emergency rooms for all KeyHealth members when needed
  • Smart Baby Programme: Great maternity benefits and expert advice for expectant moms
  • Health Booster: Added benefit for early detection testing and preventative care


Get a Quote Today

Make life simple. Click here to browse the 2024 range of KeyHealth medical aid products. If you like what you see, contact us, and we’ll prepare a quote for an affordable product that will meet your and, if applicable, your family’s needs perfectly.