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KeyHealth Medical Scheme – A User-Friendly Medical Scheme


KeyHealth Offers Members a More User-Friendly Type of Medical Scheme

Too often, when required to join one of South Africa’s medical schemes, it remains unclear just what benefits to expect in exchange for the monthly premiums. Frequently, the language used to state the terms and conditions is overly complex and confusing to members. Where these are largely committed to the areas of small print, they may even pass unnoticed until such time as some condition may be brought to a member’s attention when offered as the explanation for why his or her claim was repudiated or perhaps paid only in part.

It is the proportion of the expense arising from each service provided through private healthcare that defines the value of a medical scheme’s benefits and while KeyHealth focuses exclusively on providing core benefits relevant to a member’s needs, not all of our competitors adopt the same focus. Many, instead, use members’ contributions to fund so-called freebies that, although attractive, are largely irrelevant to their healthcare benefits and which, more significantly, means that these must be curtailed to some extent in order to compensate for the cost of such non-core benefits.

Such marketing initiatives certainly provide a very effective means for a medical scheme to grow its membership. However, at KeyHealth, we find that our policy of designing straightforward products with terms and conditions that can easily be understood and the many additional core benefits that we have introduced, while still keeping our premiums to a minimum, are proving to be every bit as effective. For example, while the average hospital plan covers little or nothing in the way of outpatient expenses, we have developed an entry level product that not only covers hospitalisation costs in the event of illness or accident, but also many routine day-to-day contingencies, such as dentistry, throughout the year.

To keep costs down, yet maintain quality, we have recruited a network of expert preferred suppliers. However, perhaps the greatest proof that KeyHealth is a medical scheme with a difference lies in the totally-free Easy-ER, Smart Baby and Health Booster benefits included in all of our products.