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Products Suitable for Those in Need of Individual Medical Aid

The need for individual medical aid remains substantial, as not all of us are blessed with a family or may even be motivated to start one, at least in the short term. In such cases, the person covered will still be designated as the main member, even in the absence of any dependents. It may also be worthwhile to note that cover as the sole member of any private healthcare cover scheme that is offered in South Africa is only available to those who are of age 18 years or older, although there is no upper age limit.

Products vary according to the benefits that they offer and the cost of their monthly premiums and, when selecting individual medical aid, both will need to be considered. For a young person fresh out of college or varsity whose income is still limited and who is not covered as a dependent, benefits and cost must be carefully weighed. Where a member’s general state of health is good, the popular, economical hospital plan may be the product of choice. However, to ensure the best value for money, it is worth noting that we, at KeyHealth, offer a product which adds many additional and valuable out-of-hospital benefits to the otherwise limited, basic cover extended by hospital plan products available from other schemes.

The cover offered by individual medical aid products varies not only with age, but also according to gender, so this can result in the need for different choices by men and women. For example, the latter may perhaps need to focus on obtaining cover for feminine contingencies, such as Pap smears and mammograms, and even maternity benefits, if not covered by a spouse or partner’s scheme.

Those covered under a company group scheme will normally enjoy the benefit of an employer’s contribution to the monthly premium payments. By contrast, those who have no such subsidy or who are self-employed may need to consider the impact of cost more closely. At KeyHealth, we deliver cover that is both comprehensive and affordable for those requiring individual medical aid.