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How Do I Choose a Medical Aid in South Africa?


Knowing how to choose your medical aid in South Africa is important. The right choice will be one that is affordable, based on your income, and sufficiently comprehensive, based upon the likely healthcare needs of yourself and your family.

In some cases, the choice may be out of your hands. Many companies offer membership of a group scheme and may even insist upon it as a condition of service. Group schemes offer the advantage of privileged premium rates, which, together with a contribution by the employer, makes it possible for members to afford more cover.

If you are self-employed or not covered by a group scheme, a visit to a comparison site could be a good way to help solve the problem of how to choose your medical aid in South Africa. There are several such sites and they offer a means to compare the prices and benefits of multiple schemes at a glance. However, for your cover to remain valid, you must not miss a premium payment. It will, therefore, pay you to begin the screening process by selecting only those schemes that fall within your monthly budget. If necessary, visit several comparison sites in order to broaden your choice. Once you have a shortlist, it is time to compare benefits.

Cheap movie tickets, gift vouchers, and loyalty points are enticements, not core benefits. Accordingly, you should focus on items like dentistry, ophthalmology, gynaecology, paediatrics, and whatever else you believe may be directly relevant to your family’s healthcare requirements. Crucially, be sure to check the terms and conditions closely.

However, should you ask a member of a KeyHealth scheme how best to choose your medical aid in South Africa, most would advise you to save time and just browse the products on the company’s website. Their focus is on providing relevant healthcare benefits, simple and totally transparent T&Cs, and exceptional value for money. With a record of prompt and fair settlements, as well as some unique free core benefits, KeyHealth has a product to suit all needs and all budgets.

For exceptional value and clarity regarding what will be your waiting periods for medical aid, KeyHealth is the sensible choice.