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Hospital Plan Comparison – Easy Hospital Plan Comparison


How to Do a Medical Aid Hospital Plan Comparison

When you review the KeyHealth benefit plans you can also do a hospital plan comparison. Each benefits package includes a hospital plan though the benefits limits differ regarding treatments, the total Rand value and whether such are just available as part of PMBs or whether you have access to the treatment at any of our Designated Service Providers (DSPs).


Which One is Right for You?


Select the benefits plan according to the health history of your family. If one of your dependants has a history of cardiovascular disease or underwent a series of operations and intensive medical treatments for a particular condition in the past, you know that the risk is higher for a reoccurrence. You will need to make provision for the possibility that the dependant may again need surgery or hospitalisation.


Likewise, if you have recently married and plan on having a family within the near future, you will want a benefits plan that will make it possible for in-hospital delivery via caesarean delivery or normal delivery. You need to consider the possibility that your baby may not be as healthy as you will want and as a responsible potential parent you will want to ensure that your medical aid will cover extensive in-hospital treatments should it be the case.


If, however, you are a young professional without a family and don’t have a history of hospitalisation or any serious medical condition, you may want to opt for the most basic benefits plan. This will give you the necessary cover for the unforeseen. If you do happen to be seriously injured in a vehicle accident and require a long and intensive in-hospital treatment the hospital plan part of the medical aid will cover such, but you won’t have a large day-to-day account and because you have taken the most basic benefits plan will save on costs. When you are older and are more at risk of serious medical conditions or chronic illness you can upgrade to one of our more comprehensive medical benefits plans.


Easy Hospital Plan Comparison


We make it as easy as possible for you to do a hospital plan comparison. You can also approach one of the medical aid brokers to help you assess which one will be best suited for you.


Your Budget

People often mistakenly only check the monthly contributions amount for the main member without consideration for the number of dependants. Note that you will pay less for child dependants and you should compare the hospital plans with the total number of dependants in mind and the upper limit allowed for every dependant.


Add-on Benefits


If you look at our add-on and free benefits associated with each benefits plan you will notice that the Health Booster Plan is directly linked to the benefits package you have selected. Don’t just compare the in-hospital cover each plan offers, but also consider the level of cover provided in the Health Booster Plan.


We want you to make a decision based on your particular healthcare requirements, your budget and medical history. Don’t select one solely based on one element only. Become a member of KeyHealth – contact us for more information about any of the benefits packages today.