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Guidelines for Submitting Motions

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Submission of Motions for the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

The deadline to submit Motions for the 2022 AGM is 30 June 2022 at 17h00. Motions received after this deadline will not be considered as part of the review process.

What is a Motion?

A Motion is a written proposal, formally submitted to KeyHealth for discussion and possible adoption as a recommendation at the 2022 AGM. A Motion must meet all criteria as set out in the KeyHealth Scheme Rules.

If you intend to submit a Motion for consideration, you must ensure that your motion meets all the following criteria:

  1. A Motion may not deal with matters that fall outside the scope of the AGM.
  2. A Motion must be for the benefit of all members and/or be in the best interest of KeyHealth and its members; and
  3. A Motion must be submitted in writing, must be concise, clearly set out and accompanied by a detailed motivation.


In the event that a Motion does not meet all the above-mentioned criteria, the Motion may be deemed invalid.

Personal claim queries or benefit queries will be addressed outside of this process.

How to submit a Motion?

Valid Motions must be submitted in writing and emailed to the Principal Officer, by 30 June 2022.
Kindly submit your Motion to

Members are requested not to include any other correspondence or queries with your Motion submission.
Although late Motions cannot be addressed at the AGM, the scheme will gladly address these separately, where applicable.

Kindly submit your Motions in time so that they can be considered at the AGM.

Click here to download the Guidelines for Submitting Motions.