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Some Further Considerations when you get Medical Aid Quotes Online

Although it is a simple matter to get medical aid quotes online from most of the industry’s providers today, not all of their sites will necessarily operate in the same way. Firstly, while some of the websites allow you to display the premium price directly on your PC screen upon answering a short questionnaire, others may instead simply request you to enter your personal and contact details, and perhaps a few facts regarding your health history and will then arrange for a consultant to get back to you.

In addition to this type of variation, the prospective scheme member also has the option to choose how he or she proceeds to get medical aid quotes online. At one time, the only available option was to visit each of the various schemes’ websites individually, make some appropriate note about each where possible and then to compare them offline. There is little doubt that the advent of dedicated comparison sites has served to make the task both simpler and a lot quicker. Generally, they operate by requesting a few details which, when presented to a quotation engine, will generate multiple results on screen. While some sights simple provide an ordered list, others may display the different offers in the form of a table that makes it easier to compare benefits and prices.

Choosing this method to get medical aid quotes online, however, can also have its drawbacks. Although their services are free to prospective members, comparison sites receive a commission for each enrolment undertaken using their links and most tend to favour those with a known high recruitment potential. This means that, in most cases, visitors to these sites are only able to obtain information from a relatively small number of favoured schemes and, consequently, the same few will often tend to pop up on many of these sites.

By contrast and for various reasons, some of the long-established and highly reputable schemes operating in South Africa choose not to allow users of comparison sites to get their medical aid quotes online, and prefer instead to deal with their prospective members in person. Reputation is in fact an important consideration and one that should be taken into account in your decision-making. A simple Google search will provide access to a more complete list of schemes that will also highlight the more important performance criteria for most of them. While the total number of schemes currently operating in South Africa is around a hundred, only about forty of these are open schemes that are able to accept public members and so this should help to simplify your investigations.

Before deciding from whom to get medical aid quotes online, check their record for payment of claims. Are they prompt, fair and paid directly to the service provider, or will you be required to pay up front and await reimbursement? What about their international credit ratings and solvency ratios – are these sufficient to cope with an exceptional number of large claims? Lastly, what exactly will you be getting for your money and is it sufficient for your family’s needs?

Alternatively, you could simply approach us at KeyHealth, confident that you are offered adequate benefits, competitive premiums and no quibble claims, when you get our medical aid quotes online.