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The Waiting Period for Medical Aid Explained

medical aid

New members often ask if there is a waiting period for medical aid. The short answer is yes. However, two different types could apply. Medical aid membership operates on lines similar to an insurance policy, but there are also some significant differences. Both depend on the statistical principle of shared risk to balance their books. […]

Can South Africans Still Get Affordable Medical Aid in 2024?

medical aid

South Africans are still battling inflation with little hope of a respite this year. One of many concerns is how to get affordable medical aid in 2024. Given the untimely wake-up call provided by the pandemic and the steady decline in the public healthcare sector, private treatment is now the only way for many to […]

Are There Still Affordable Full Medical Aid Options in 2024?

medical aid

The 2020 pandemic reminded us that even the healthiest people can be vulnerable. Sadly, many still struggle to pay for full medical aid options in 2024. Inflation has not only increased the cost of the food on our plates and sent monthly utility bills soaring to record levels but has also impacted healthcare in the […]

Tips on How to Choose an Affordable Medical Aid Plan

medical aid

Private healthcare is costly and inaccessible to most South Africans, factors that highlight the value of affordable medical aid in maintaining good health. Few things have escaped the effects of years of increasing inflation and a steady decline in the parity of the Rand against hard currencies, and healthcare is certainly not one of them. […]

Helpful Guidelines for Those Looking for Medical Schemes

medical aid

Due to the steady decline of the national health service, many South Africans must now depend on medical schemes to help fund their private healthcare needs. Medical aid is not a new idea. Our earliest known example dates back to 1899 when the mining giant De Beers established a scheme for its workers. Other companies […]

Affordable Private Healthcare: A Detailed Guide to Hospital Plans

medical aid

Hospital plans in South Africa offer a practical and cost-effective solution for individuals and families who require access to essential healthcare services. In light of the steady decline in public sector healthcare and the nation’s economy, the need for assistance with treatment costs has never been greater. Medical schemes met this acute need with the […]

What to Consider When Seeking Medical Aid for Families

medical aid

Medical aid is a life-saver for many citizens seeking private healthcare in South Africa. However, choosing the best option for your family is crucial. Currently, 76 schemes are operating, but 58 only accept specified groups like the employees of a named company or members of a particular profession. The remaining 18 schemes are unrestricted, open […]

Booking Regular Health Check-ups Could Save Your Life

medical aid

Modern diagnostic tests now play a pivotal role in preventative care. However, regular health check-ups are essential to ensure early diagnosis and treatment. Not only is our modern lifestyle responsible for many of the illnesses we experience, but work and family commitments often leave us too busy to pay attention to our health until it […]

Deciding Which Healthcare Plan May Best Meet Your Needs

medical aid

2020 was a rude awakening for many South Africans. The pandemic highlighted the need for a healthcare plan, revealing that even the healthiest are vulnerable. For many years, we had access to a state-funded health system to meet all our medical needs at no charge for the unemployed who could not afford it, while everyone […]

Things to Consider When Assessing a Medical Aid Quote

medical aid

Thanks to the Internet, obtaining a medical aid quote has never been quicker or easier. However, understanding its contents might require a little help. Given the prevailing economic pressures in South Africa, it is understandable that many of those in need of medical aid have become more concerned about its cost. That said, you should […]