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It matters little to which medical aid scheme or option you belong, you will probably have to pay a higher monthly contribution in 2018 than what you’ve been charged by all of them in 2017. No one likes to or willingly choses to pay more for the same or less benefit but, keep in mind that your medical aid has had to foot the bill for their portion of medicine and other medical costs that probably increased during the past year, but without charging you accordingly more via your monthly contribution. Medical aids may only increase rates once per annum, usually at the beginning of a new year, 2018 in this case.

Increasing Costs

Nevertheless, this year is fast approaching its end. Even if you don’t have New Year’s resolutions for 2018, medical aid is far too important to push onto the backburner. In 2018, your monthly contribution for each option is virtually guaranteed to cost you more.

Peace of Mind or Potential Ruin

However, without medical cover, unforeseen medical costs could ruin you financially. Which would you prefer – taking your chances and having little or no peace of mind, because you’re on your own, in a manner of speaking, or resting assured that, at the very least, you’ll be covered for medical emergencies, PMBs, and chronic medication, should the need arise?

Individual Affordability

While it is advisable to choose the best, most comprehensive option that you can afford where and when medical aid cover is concerned, the option on which you decide must still be affordable for you and your budget. Income, expenditure, budget, and affordability are personal matters; no-one knows your circumstances as well as you do.

KeyHealth’s Simply Smart Affordable Options

While we wish that we could tell you that our KeyHealth medical aid options for 2018 remain unchanged from the rates we’ve been charging this year, we’ve not been immune to the numerous increases in medical and healthcare costs. Despite this, at KeyHealth, we’ve endeavoured to keep our 2018 contributions as affordable as possible, never deviating from our ethos to provide South Africans from all walks of life and all income groups with some of the most affordable, simple, and smart medical aid options available.

2018 Medical Aid Contributions

KeyHealth has introduced another innovative medical aid option to our range of plans. The Origin 2018 option slots in between the Essence and Equilibrium plans. In addition, we also offer the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

When you compare our contributions, what they cover, and what they exclude, and compare them to options offered by other medical aid schemes, it becomes clear that KeyHealth’s options are affordable and offer value for money. KeyHealth’s information on options, and for whom they may be most suitable, is easier to comprehend than that provided by many other medical schemes, particularly since we don’t cloud the issue – medical aid cover – with other supposed benefits that really have nothing to do with smart, simple medical aid offered by KeyHealth, now and in 2018.