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Expecting a Baby? Let Our Smart Baby Program Help You!

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking times in a family’s life. Let us help take some of the stress off of your shoulders, with our Smart Baby Program. As one of the top providers of medical schemes in South Africa, we will be here to help you whenever you need, and to give you that added peace of mind.

Reading books on pregnancy and parenting is one thing, but making sure you get the best medical support is another. We can offer you general advice on your own health and wellbeing, as well as your babies, and on top of that we strive to make your pregnancy even more fun!

Stop worrying that you aren’t getting the right medical support for you and your baby, and sign up with one of the best medical schemes around – our Smart Baby Program.

When Can You Register?

You can register any time from your 12th week of pregnancy.  This ensures that we are there to help you during your second two trimesters; arguably the most important time of your pregnancy. Our Smart Baby Program is proving to be one of the most popular medical schemes in South Africa for expecting parents, and not just because of the care we provide.

What Do You Get?

Once you have registered, you will receive a welcome letter along with a load of fantastic discount vouchers to spend! We understand how much of a financial strain it can be when you first become pregnant – you never quite realise how much you are going to have to spend as a first time mother, and if you already have children it can be even harder! Our vouchers will cover the likes of Huggies nappies, strollers, cots, maternity clothing, and child car seats. Once your baby has been born, you will receive a Smart Baby gift bag, which will be filled to overflowing, with loads of different goodies for both mother and baby.

During your pregnancy, you will also receive weekly emails. These weekly emails are what makes it one of the best medical schemes in South Africa for pregnancy, as it details the different stages. You will be informed on what to expect at each stage, as well as nutrition, how to stay healthy, and common ailments and side effects of being pregnant. The father will also receive emails twice a month though, to make sure he is well informed on the progress of the pregnancy. It always helps to have a partner who is clued in and knows what is going on!

You will be contacted by a consultant every trimester, to make sure that you and your baby are making health progress, and that you have no issues or problems. If you have some questions between your check-ups, there is a 24 hour medical advice line that you can contact, along with a website. These are both run and updated by trained professionals, so that you can be confident in the knowledge that all information on them is legitimate.

Health Booster

Combine our Smart Baby Program with our Health Booster, and get even better medical care for both you and your baby! Our Health Booster makes us a provider of some of the best medical aid schemes in South Africa. The maternity cover must be pre-authorised, but it includes two scans, regular check-ups, and two visits to the paediatrician in your baby’s first year.

Choose Us!

Take a look at the other medical aid schemes in South Africa that you can choose from, and we’re sure you will agree that we offer some of the best care for babies and for women during their pregnancy.

We care about each and every member of health service, and strive to give our clients the best care we can possibly provide. Every person is different, and every person has their own individual needs. This is especially true during pregnancy, as there are all sorts of different changes going on up until the day your baby is born.

We understand the importance of help after the baby has been born, as well as during your pregnancy. Because of this, we carry on with our baby care programs during the first year, giving you the added stability you are going to need!