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Medical Aid – Why Medical Aid is Important


Some Reasons why having Medical Aid is so Important Today

While there are plenty of individuals who continue to harbour some doubts regarding the many sound reasons why medical aid is now so widely seen as important, one can be quite certain that few, if any, of them underestimate the value of their own good health. In practice, however, it is often only when their health becomes a cause for concern that the true value of private healthcare and the means with which to pay for it tends to occupy a position of prominence in the mind of the average citizen. Sadly, none of us is in a position to take it for granted that we shall continue to enjoy good health and only a very few South Africans will have the level of income that will enable them to shoulder this risk in the absence of substantial financial assistance.

If you are among those who are not sure why medical aid is important, then try to imagine how you would manage if, one day, you were involved in an accident that left you in need of extensive, life-saving surgery. The total cost of hospitalisation and treatment could easily run to several hundred thousand rand. Do you have that kind of money in your personal savings account or a trust fund, or might you, instead, be forced to sell your home and your car and possibly still be left with an outstanding balance? It pays to be aware that even summoning an ambulance incurs a cost as does every single swab, suture and disposable item that will be used in your treatment.

There is, of course, the option to use the state health service. However, it is clearly cash-strapped, severely understaffed, seriously short of crucial equipment and overworked to the point where even emergencies must now take their place on a waiting list. In effect, the most obvious reason why being a member of a medical aid scheme is so important, is that failing to make such a provision could, in an instant, involve you or a member of your family in a life and death gamble.

Naturally, healthcare is not only a matter of dealing with emergencies. Many people suffer from lifelong chronic conditions such as asthma, cardiac failure, epilepsy, diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. The cost of routine treatment, medication and dealing with related complications alone could be crippling without some assistance. In accordance with the terms of the Medical Schemes Act (131 of 1998), all private healthcare cover products are now required to include full provision for the costs arising from the diagnosis, treatment and care of these conditions as well as 20 additional chronic illnesses included among the much longer list of prescribed minimum benefits that have now become mandatory.

This applies even to the hospital plans offered by many of the country’s schemes and highlights one more reason why medical aid for you and your family is not just important for emergencies but for year-round peace of mind.

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