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Medical Aid Plans Providing What You Need – Affordable Medical Cover


At KeyHealth Medical Aid, we recognise that our members are individuals with varying means, needs, priorities, incomes and expenses, budgets, states of health, and lifestyle factors. Very few members, if any, have identical considerations that influence their choice of medical aid plans and who have the same view of what is affordable or expensive. One person’s idea of which option they regard as affordable is likely to differ considerably from the opinion of the next. So, there really is not a firm, fixed rule that determines which medical aid plan is universally affordable for everyone who wants medical cover and for which conditions or health issues they are likely to require cover.

Simple, Straightforward Tight Ship Ethos

At KeyHealth, we strive to keep our members’ contributions as affordable as possible, while providing the best, most comprehensive medical cover that respective monthly contributions allow in each one of our five plans. We prefer to stick to our ethos of keeping things simple and straightforward, avoiding unnecessary fripperies that have absolutely nothing to do with the provision of medical aid cover.

Those Fancy Added-On Fripperies

If and when you want to see a movie, go ahead, book your movie tickets and see the movie of your choice when it best suits you. Likewise, if you are looking for the most affordable air travel tickets, search the Internet for the least expensive offers and book your ticket as long in advance of your departure date as possible – measures that typically save you money and make your plane tickets more affordable. Whatever you do, do not select a medical aid scheme or plan because of special offers on other things that fall outside the scope of medical cover. Such fancy add-ons only cloud the overall picture and confuse the potential member.

No One Knows Better than You

There is no one on earth who knows you, your present personal circumstances, plans, and financial commitments better than you and you alone. This is why and how we have designed our website the way we did, in a format that makes the essential information about our KeyHealth medical aid plans readily and easily available. Again, it is all simple and straightforward, because we are aware that trolling through reams of options and information is daunting and confusing, often misunderstood, or totally confusing to prospective applicants. Endless, mind-boggling details are kept to a minimum and simplified where possible. In order to guide you in the right direction so that you can weigh up your options and clarify your current situation, we have included four basic stages of likely life circumstances or stages:

  • Singles;
  • Couples;
  • Families; and
  • Single parents.


These categories provide a helpful point of departure with which to start your research and search for the most affordable KeyHealth medical aid plan that best meets your own personal circumstances and requirements. Thereafter, our plans, their inclusions and exclusions, and their contributions and other essential information about each are provided – simply, smartly and, best of all, most affordably.